Our Board

There are many benefits to serving on our board and committees. There’s the stronger connection — spiritually, educationally, socially — with Kehillah. There’s the pleasure of getting to know more Kehillah members. And, of course, there’s the satisfaction of making a difference in our community.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, or if you have any questions about the board or committees, email info AT kehillahsynagogue DOT org.

Kehillah 2019-20 Officers

Co-Presidents: Miriam Braunstein and Jonathan Kotch
Past President:
Andy Werden
Executive VP:
Keith Artin
VP Administration:
Kathy Burk
VP Education:
 Barrie Harper
VP Preschool:
 Jon Miller
VP Development:
 Stan Robboy
Treasurer: Elaine Bolle
 Evan Yassky


Joel Friedman
Jay Greenberg
Olivia Haynie
Lee Nackman

Kehillah 2019-20 Committee Chairs

Adult Education: Michele Rivkin-Fish
Lovingkindness Circle:
Cary Keithly and Kelly Alexander
Jonathan Kotch
Chevra Kadisha: 
Lew Margolis and Amy Rosenthal
Stan Robboy
Preschool Strategy:
Jon Miller
Religious School: 
Jen Weinberg-Wolf
Henry Fuchs and Diane Wright
Social Action: 
Kathy Kaufman

Where we think together

For decisions that affect us all—our synagogue, our services, our education—Kehillah engages in a process called Values Based Decision Making (VBDM). We use VBDM for large, community-wide decisions and for decisions made in smaller groups. It’s a way to make decisions based on Jewish tradition and history, communal values and preconceptions, and relevant data.

For example, we needed a kashrut/food policy for Kehillah events. We looked beyond our experiences and preconceptions. We studied a variety of Jewish texts. We considered our Jewish and modern values, such as our desire to share food in community and care for the environment. After collating all this information, we arrived at our current policy. It’s working better than expected and, most importantly, everyone’s input was respected.

For more information about our community developed guidelines see: