Our Professional Staff

Jonathan comes to Kehillah with twenty years’ experience working in both the corporate and non-profit worlds. He previously served as a synagogue Executive Director as well as in CFO and Comptroller roles for various companies. Upon returning to North Carolina, he began a successful real estate business specializing in rentals. A North Carolina native, Jonathan is glad to be back home and in such close proximity to Tar Heel basketball! In addition to sports, Jonathan enjoys fishing, writing, classic automobiles, and working as a High Holiday chazzan. His favorite quote is: “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”


Executive Director
Stephanie joined Kehillah in 2008. She was often the first person to greet members and visitors. While she is now focused on the business side of operations, she still has time to greet everyone with a smile! Prior to Kehillah she was a franchise business consultant with experience in financial management, marketing, and customer relations. Stephanie lives in Durham with her family.


Director of Operations and Finance
Krystal joined Kehillah in May 2018 as our Jewish Preschool Director. She has worked with young children and families for over 25 years, starting as an infant teacher and progressing to managing preschool centers and consulting within the childcare field. Her passion for young children is evident as soon as you meet Krystal. She has a BS in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s in Education Management.
Director of Kehillah Jewish Preschool
Grace began working as the AV Coordinator in January 2022, after working as a teacher in Kehillah Jewish Preschool since 2019.


AV, Website, Communications, and Program Coordinator
Sherrie rejoined Kehillah in July 2022 as our office manager.


Office Manager