Kehillah’s Lovingkindness Circle

Helping Members When They Need it Most

When we share in each other’s joys and sorrows, we become closer to one another, closer to our Kehillah community, and closer to our spiritual traditions. The Kehillah Lovingkindness Circle (LKC) provides opportunities for our members to experience these blessings. Whether it’s the arrival of a child, death of a loved one, injury, or illness, we are there for our members in their time of need by providing support and care.  Think of our group as matchmakers. We match those in a moment of need with those who can help.

Examples of LKC opportunities to support our community have included:

  • Preparing and/or delivering meals for a member in need
  • Running errands for sick or recovering members or elders
  • Visiting a sick or recovering member at home or in the hospital
  • Calling or sending a card to a member to show that we, as a community, are here to support them and their family
  • Creating holiday baskets for elders
  • Delivering welcome bags to new members
  • Baking for healthcare workers

Need Support from the Lovingkindness Circle?

Reach out to the LKC co-chairs if you or someone you know in our Kehilllah community could use some support from the LKC including a meal, cards/messages, friendly phone calls, visits, help with an errand, etc. 


Join Us. There’s always room for care.

All members of Kehillah are encouraged to join the LKC. The LKC uses the online platform LotsaHelpingHands to share opportunities for acts of lovingkindness. LKC members receive notifications via email of these opportunities as they are posted, and can view details about, comment on, and sign up for those that interest them.

Click on the link provided to join LKC: provided

How does it work?

We coordinate volunteers when one of our members needs support. We use the website LotsaHelpingHands (LOTSA) to​ post Chesed tasks online. Sometimes one volunteer is needed. Sometimes a group of people is necessary to complete a variety of tasks.

The Lotsahelpinghands website enables us to fill needs efficiently. (Note: if the member requests privacy, the Coordinator can make calls or send emails to selected members within the congregation.) 

Members will sign up on the Lotsahelpinghands website to get notified of Chesed opportunities and to sign up for a Chesed task. You can create your login and password by clicking on this link:

Rabbi Jen has created a video about the LotsaHelpingHands platform, which you can watch here on the page, however, the window for getting homemade bagels when you sign up has unfortunately closed! If you have questions about Chesed opportunities or Kehillah’s Lovingkindness Circle, as a recipient or as a volunteer, please contact the Lovingkindness Co-chairs via email at

When you are not sure what to make or bring, we have compiled some recipes and resources to inspire you.  If you have recipes you would like to share, please let us know.

Sign up for LOTSA 

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General Resources:

Visiting the Sick:


Kehillah members are neighbors. No matter where they live. 

Doing Chesed (acts of loving-kindness) is a lot like being a good neighbor. Join the Lovingkindness Circle volunteer list at so you can be a good neighbor for someone in their time of need.