Kol Nidre Appeal 2020

Kol Nidre Appeal

100% of Kehillah Synagogue’s Kol Nidre appeal donations

will be donated to support this program:

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Faith Community-based Service Learning Centers

a partnership between the

YMCA, CHCCS, the “Justice League”, and Local Faith Communities


What is it?

The Faith Community-Based YMCA Service Learning Center (SLC) will be a place where K-5 students will go to participate in their online school and after school programing.

Where will the program be held?

University United Methodist Church will host the program. The YMCA is open to further faith community expansions after this initial faith community-based site.

Who can enroll?

The focus of the SLC will be K-5 students from around our district who have scored 2 or less on their end-of-grade assessments and therefore are known to be performing below grade level. Many students who fit into this category in our district are students of color. Though the SLC will be open to all students performing 2 or below, through a grass-roots effort led by community members, we are working to overcome communication challenges between the school district and African-American families so that students who are most greatly impacted by the achievement and opportunity gap can be supported by this Center.

How will the program run?

The program will be offered Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. with an extended day option until 6 p.m. We expect that most of our students at University UMC will take part in the full-day program.

Our site along with all other YMCA sites will be staffed by YMCA Program Directors, education specialists, and staff who are trained to assist children with their remote learning and schoolwork. Spaces are designed to comply with state and local guidelines for safety and social distancing. YMCA staff will ensure that the site meets standards set by the state.

YMCA staff will ensure that students stay on task, login at the correct times for live instruction/ video conferencing and help with any technical difficulties. Staff are also available to help with questions students have throughout the day. Parents will be encouraged to check-in with their child to ensure all assignments and responsibilities have been met.

In the extended day program, when online school/ remote learning is completed, students will have time for homework, tutoring, or structured, age-appropriate games and enrichment activities.

Each student will wear a mask, have devices that have been provided for them by the school or from home, headphones with a microphone, and appropriate school supplies. All staff members will also wear masks.

We will have:

  • 5 classrooms
  • Each classroom will have 10 students and 1 academic specialist hired by the YMCA.
  • There is the possibility of recruiting 1 volunteer per classroom. Volunteers will be recruited from faith communities.
  • We will also have a Site Manager who will be hired by the YMCA.

Liability Coverage

The YMCA has liability coverage for the program that will be extended to our site.

Cost and funding plan

Cost of the program: Approximately $99,000 for 50 participants, 12 weeks. The program will begin on October 12. A group of almost 20 local faith communities expect to fund the site completely. All participating faith communities will all pay into a common fund established by the Episcopal Church of the Advocate and the Advocate will pay the YMCA.  CHCCS has committed to ensuring transportation and food (breakfast, lunch, and snacks) for the program.