Life cycle

In every family, at every point, we are perpetually entering new stages in the life cycle. And in keeping with the tradition of living Jewishly, we acknowledge, honor, and celebrate key points along the way: birth, B’nei Mitzvah, marriage, and death.

Baby Naming

Here there are several options. You can be called to the Torah and given an aliyah, at which time your child will receive his or her Hebrew name and be blessed by our rabbi. Or, one of our rabbis can come to your home to perform the ceremony there. No matter when or where it’s held, our rabbis provide an intensely spiritual and memorable moment.


A wedding service is always warm, meaningful, and completely unique to the two people committed to creating a Jewish life together. Our rabbis work closely with each couple (whether both Jews, or interfaith, or same sex) to create a celebration that reflects their special union. It could be in the synagogue or elsewhere. Casual or formal. Whatever the venue, one thing is certain: it will be beautiful.

B’nei Mitzvah

This special point of passage will be held in the Kehillah Synagogue as part of our Saturday morning service. Every Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a personalized event, carefully orchestrated to be a meaningful transformation for each child. For more on B’nei Mitzvah at Kehillah, click here.


Each funeral starts with psalms and follows with a personalized testament to the deceased. The eulogy can be given by a family member or by the officiating Rabbi. And according to the family’s wishes, our rabbis can preside in the funeral home, at the gravesite, or even in the home to sit Shiva. Kehillah has written its own guide to help our members through this trying time. Click here to access it.

Kehillah has a specific cemetery section at Markham Memorial Gardens. Click here for more info.

Photograph by John Elkins