The Harmony Project

This Spring we are helping create a multi-faith event of communal singing. Song selections reflecting our shared values, our places of agreement, to create a transcendent space and experience, from which we can gain insight, harmony and a sense of strength and peace.
The tragedy at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh this past fall provoked community wide shock and grief that reached well beyond western Pennsylvania. Those dark moments, also illuminated the bridges between Jewish communities and our neighbors. In an unsettling time, we felt supported.
Here too, at Kehillah in Chapel Hill, congregations united to comfort the grieving, affirm our connections, denounce hatred and raise our voices as one. That evening we jointly created an incredible experience where we came together with a broad interfaith group and used our collective voices to lift our collective spirits.
It created a feeling that was deep, meaningful and profound. It was a feeling that transcended this moment and lasted well beyond this singular event.
Our hope is to build upon that unity, buttress the bridges between our communities, and sing from a place of shared vision and shared values. We want to create this transformative, collective experience in a positive context, rather than as an immediate response to tragedy.

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