Solarize Kehillah Donation Instructions

Thanks for deciding to donate to Project Solarize Kehillah! 

  • To donate by check, mail a check made payable to Kehillah Synagogue with the words “SOLARIZE KEHILLAH” on the memo line of the check.  The Kehillah incurs no fees when you donate this way.
  • To donate online with a credit card, click here. Be sure to specify that this is for Solarize Kehillah. The Kehillah incurs a 2% fee when you donate this way, which will be paid out of the general operating budget.  So, if you can, please donate by check or stock so we can avoid this fee.
  • To donate stock, please call the office at 919-942-8914 to request a stock donation form and instructions.  If you have appreciated stock that you’ve held for more than a year you will get tax benefits by donating the stock directly to the Kehillah rather than selling it first. 

Tax Matters

We’re not accountants or tax lawyers, so we can’t give you tax advice.  Please discuss the specifics of your situation with your tax advisor.  Here’s a high-level overview of how it works:

  • Your donation can be claimed as a charitable deduction on your Federal income taxes for the year in which you make the donation.  The Kehillah will include this donation on the usual contribution summary that is sent each year.  If you claim this donation as a charitable deduction on your Federal return, the NC law requires that you must also include the donation amount on your NC income tax return as an adjustment to your Federal adjusted gross income. (Rationale: You can’t get both an NC income tax charitable deduction and the 35% NC tax credit.) 
  • The 35% NC tax credit becomes available when the system is producing electricity, which will be by the end of 2015.  The Kehillah will send you the necessary documentation for claiming the tax credit on your 2015 NC tax return.